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That Grief Relief Podcast

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Grief is sadly something that everyone will experience in their life, but why is it so taboo to discuss? That Grief Relief Podcast with Katie Overy is making difficult conversations possible, with a light-hearted, humourous and open approach to grief and everything that comes with it


April 2021, Dubai, UAE: Following her own experiences of deep loss, after the death of her parents in quick succession, presenter Katie Overy created That Grief Relief Podcast to open conversations around grief and ultimately, help others. Understanding that everybody will experience some form of grief in their life, this Dubai-based podcast answers those difficult questions, while adding light humour and even making listeners smile.


Finding that humour was the best way of coping through such an immensely dark time for her and her family, Katie wanted to acknowledge that there is a way to grieve that isn’t all about sadness. Having initially started the podcast as a way to share her own stories, her infectious personality and laughter made others feel comfortable enough to tell their stories, in turn creating an outlet for many to laugh, cry and feel joy through their grief. 


Featuring a new guest from around the world in each episode, including well-known faces from the region and internationally, the podcast tackles the previously unmentionable topic of grief with an open and funny outlook.


That Grief Relief Podcast isn’t just regarding the loss of a loved one, it delves into other types of loss, from the loss of a relationship, a job or even a lifestyle change. It aims to open the listeners’ minds to how they think and cope with grief, finding 


Katie Overy, creator of That Grief Relief Podcast, said: “Approaching grief openly with positivity and even humour has always been the best remedy for me and my family. It pains me to see so many people in the region feel they can’t open up about the way they feel, which can cause further mental health issues. I want to use my experience as a crutch for others, removing the stigma behind talking about pain and hurt and finally making it a discussion for all.”


“Whether you have been personally affected by loss or you want advice on how to help others who are going through it, this podcast is there to be a friend, sat waiting with a cup of coffee, ready to help relieve the load.”


Episodes include a woman who has ‘mourned’ her mother even though she is still alive, a person grieving the ‘death’ of their long-term relationship, a man who set up an online miscarriage support community for fathers so they have an outlet for their grief and support and, as the podcast evolves into mental health in general, Katie speaks to therapists, healers and a mental health in the workplace specialist.


Katie continued: “I have already received an overwhelming reception from the first episodes. It has been incredibly heart-warming receiving feedback on how people have found the stories so relatable and how much comfort they have felt from listening.


“The podcast’s popularity and reception has spurred me to try and grow it as much as possible and find more extraordinary people who have travelled through their own grief hurdle, no matter where they are on that journey. I actively encourage people who are willing to openly share their stories and in turn, make talking about these subjects a whole lot easier for others.”


That Grief Relief Podcast is available to listen now on all major platforms.


If you would like to share your story please email:

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